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Customizing your iPad Trader

The iPad Trader is fully customizable, allowing you to build it the way you want! Complete with Drag and Close Dock-able paneling which can be closed or opened at any time.

To add a window to the application simply select the “+” in the top left hand corner, you will then be presented with your window options. If opening multiple windows within the same screen, the following icon will appear allowing you to choose the positioning of your new window. From here you are able to choose whether you wish to add your new window alongside, above or below your current window, or to add this as a separate tab.

Customizing your iPad TraderCustomizing your iPad Trader

Windows can be adjusted and resized by selecting the Adjust button and moving the arrows to your desired size.

You have the ability to customize 4 desktops within the application. In the top right hand corner of your screen you are able to switch between screens.

Customizing your iPad Trader

Main iPad Options

Customizing your iPad Trader Add Windows
Customizing your iPad Trader Adjust Windows
Customizing your iPad Trader Log out
Customizing your iPad Trader Lock trading functions for Favorites Spot panes
Customizing your iPad Trader Unlock Favorites spot panes
Customizing your iPad Trader Window Options